Traditional Form - Intermediate

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Legends: Heaven Lake 1/1+
This lesson describes Heaven Lake, the beautiful Chinese tourist attraction.

Legends: Hou Yi the Archer 1/1+
This lesson tells the folktale of Hou Yi, the famous archer who saves the ancient world from catastrophe and is given a gift that will ensure his immortality.

Legends: Meng Jiang NĂ¼ 1/1+
This text tells the famous Chinese folktale of Meng Jiangnu.

Legends: Mulan 1/1+
This text summarizes a folk story about a young girl who went to war.

Legends: Story of A Clever Child 1/1+
This is a story about an exemplary child who is often recounted in Chinese elementary school texts and storybooks.

Literature: Confucian Canon: The Four Books and Five Classics 1/1+
The Four Books and Five Classics are important works of the Confucian Canon. This text lists the titles of Confucian Classics in Chinese.

Literature: Four Great Chinese Masterpieces 1/1+
This list of the Four Great Chinese Masterpieces, their authors, and the time periods when they were written, provides information about some of the most famous novels in all of Chinese literature.

Locations 1/1+
This text is a message from the Chinese colleague of an American moving to Shanghai, making suggestions for where she should live.

Magazine Survey 1/1+
This section of a survey is modeled from other surveys distributed to magazine readers.

Names: Chinese Names 1/1+
This is a highly-contextualized short text on how Chinese names are formed. It contains certain common discourse structures, plus high-frequency characters, while teaching a brief historical and cultural lesson about Chinese names.

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