Traditional Form - Intermediate

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Film and Film Stars: Zhang Ziyi 1/1+
This text is a short biographical sketch on the Chinese film star Zhang Ziyi.

Films and Film Stars: Let's Go to the Movies! 1/1+
This is a conversation between two friends about Chinese movies.

Food Items 1/1+
This text is a message from the Chinese roommate of an American studying in Guangzhou, asking him to pick up some groceries on his trip to the store.

Food: Easy Recipe for Vegetable Hotpot 1/1+
This text provides a list of ingredients and steps for cooking a vegetable hotpot.

Geography: Solar System 1/1+
Chinese names of planets and other celestial bodies in the Solar System convey Chinese worldviews about the universe such as Yin and Yang, and the five fundamental elements.

Health: Four Dos and Four Don'ts to Prevent Flu 1/1+
This is a public health notice posted on the wall in a street in Beijing with instructions on how to avoid becoming infected with or spreading influenza.

History: Emperor Qin Shi Huang 1/1+
This lesson is an introduction to the first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang.

History: Four Great Inventions of China 1/1+
This text discusses the four great inventions from China and when they occurred.

Holidays and Celebrations: Days of National Significance 1/1+
While the people of China and Taiwan share much in their cultural heritage, they differ in their historical and political views. Some holidays are significant to the People's Republic of China (PRC), located on the Chinese mainland. Others are significant to the Republic of China (ROC), or Taiwan. Understanding these various holidays can give learners insight into the political histories of both mainland China and Taiwan.

Legends: Cháng’é. in the Palace of the Moon 1/1+
This text presents the legend of Chang'e, the Chinese moon goddess.

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