Traditional Form - Novice

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*Basic Language: A Hello-Goodbye Chinese Rap 0/0+
This text provides terms for greeting, leave-taking, thanking, and apologizing in the form of a rap.

*Basic Language: Asking and Answering Questions 0/0+
This text is a straightforward dialogue from a beginning Chinese textbook. It gives you a chance to recognize characters used in simple personal questions and their answers. Notice, too, how Mr. Wang and Ms. Li address each other.

*Basic Language: Characters I: Pictograms 0/0+
This lesson introduces pictogram characters.

*Basic Language: Characters II: Ideograms 0/0+
This lesson is about ideograms.

*Basic Language: Characters III: Ideogrammatic Compounds 0/0+
This lesson is about ideogrammatic compounds.

*Basic Language: Characters IV: Phono-semantic Compounds 0/0+
This lesson is about phonosemantic characters.

*Basic Language: Doing Math in Chinese 0/0+
Here are four simple math problems in Chinese.

*Basic Language: Numbers 0/0+
This text presents lists that contain information based on numbers (i.e., telephone numbers, prices, and birthdays).

*Basic Language: Pronouns - From the Notebook of a Student 0/0+
The jottings in a notebook illustrate the use of Chinese pronouns.

Ad for an Overseas Chinese Language School 0/0+
This text presents specific information about available summer language courses.

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