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Signs: Sales Signs in the Clothing Section of a Department Store 1/1+
The text lists clothing items on sale in a department store.

Signs: Signs Announcing Sales in a Department Store 1/1+
This text is excerpts from advertisements posted on the wall of a large, modern, popular store in China.

Songs: Friendship Songs 1/1+
These lyrics are widely sung among youngsters in both China and Taiwan, and help with the socializing process.Chinese youngsters learn these songs when they start school or get to know each other in youth camps.

Songs: Playful Song 1/1+
This is a playful song to the tune of Turkey in the Straw. It contains a number of commonly used exclamations indicating surprise and dismay.

Sports and Recreation: Beijing 2008 29th Olympiad 1/1+
This text presents some information about the 2008 Beijing Olympics from the Web site for the Olympics.

Sports and Recreation: Conversation About Martial Arts 1/1+
This text includes a dialogue between a martial arts instructor and a student.

Travel: Modes of Transportation 1/1+
This text is a message from the Chinese colleague of an American just beginning work in a Chinese company, about modes of transport around town.

Travel: My Schedule 1/1+
This text is an e-mail message from the Chinese friend of an American studying in China. The two are trying to find a time during the week to go hiking together.

Travel: Seeking Travel Partners 1/1+
This is an e-mail request posted on a listserv, seeking companions to take a sightseeing trip.

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