Simplified Form - Intermediate

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Online: An Invitation to Netlog 1/1+
This is an online invitation to join Netlog.

Online: How to Use Chinese Email 1/1+
This passage explains how to send and receive Chinese emails.

Online: I Would Like to Be Your Friend 1/1+
This passage is an example of online correspondence between two people who ask questions about each other and answering them about themselves.

Online: Personal Computer Components 1/1+
This text provides Chinese vocabulary words related to the personal computer (PC).

Pastimes 1/1+
This text is adapted from an excerpt from a letter from the Chinese penfriend of an American high school student, about his pastimes.

Seasons and Weather: Beijing’s Four Seasons 1/1+
This text discusses the weather in Beijing and seasonal activities.

Seasons and Weather: Four Seasons 1/1+
This text describes each of the four seasons.

Self-Introductory Note 1/1+
In this note to a new acquaintance, the author provides some information about herself.

Signs: Bookstore Sale Items 1/1+
This is a fictitious list of titles of books that include terms for commonly used categories, including “handbook,” “a guide to...,” etc.

Signs: Sale Signs in a Supermarket 1/1+
This is an excerpt of an advertisement posted on the wall of a supermarket in Beijing. It provides information about sales in progress.

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