Simplified Form - Intermediate

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Education and Schools: Welcome to the Soochow University Foreign Language Institute 1/1+
This text introduces learners to reading a Chinese website.

Emails, Blogs, and Diaries: Chat Exchange on Facebook 1/1+
This text represents an informal conversational exchange on Facebook.

Emails, Blogs, and Diaries: Chinese Student Blog Entry 1/1+
This text, which simulates a blog entry written by a Chinese student enrolled in a U.S. university, is about homesickness and keeping in touch with friends, family, and a pet back home.

Emails, Blogs, and Diaries: Diary Entry 1/1+
This text presents a diary entry in which the author comments on an upcoming move.

Emails, Blogs, and Diaries: Entry in Li You’s Diary 1/1+
The text is a student's (Li You's) diary entry about a day's activities.

Emails, Blogs, and Diaries: Existential Questions 1/1+
This text introduces some of the basic Chinese question words, such as what, who, where, why, and how.

Emails, Blogs, and Diaries: Letter From Meiping: Climbing Mt. Tai 1/1+
A Chinese middle school student writes to a former American neighbor about her upcoming trip to climb Mt. Tai and, since her friend previously made the same hike, asks for his advice about what to bring.

Emails, Blogs, and Diaries: Message: Purchase Supplies 1/1+
This is a message from the Chinese colleague of an American residing in Guangdong Province in China asking for help purchasing some supplies.

Emails, Blogs, and Diaries: My Best Friend 1/1+
This text centers on someone describing their best friend.

Emails, Blogs, and Diaries: Replying to a Friend's E-mail 1/1+
This is an e-mail reply from one friend to another discussing topics of interest.

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