Simplified Form - Intermediate

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Ads: Classified Ads 1/1+
This text is adapted from an extract from a Chinese newspaper published on the U.S. west coast, with headlines and excerpts of classified ads.

China: FAQs on Ethnic Groups in China 1/1+
This text discusses some of the ethnic groups that live in China.

China: Geography of China 1/1+
This text discusses the geographical dimensions of China.

China: Yangtze and Yellow Rivers 1/1+
A teacher answers a student's questions about the Yangtze River and the Yellow River in China.

Chinese Americans: Mahjong 1/1+
This lesson introduces the students to the Chinese game of mahjong.

Correspondence: Activities on a Calendar 1/1+
This message focuses on days of the week and the key activities on a student's calendar.

Correspondence: Career Goals 1/1+
This text is an excerpt from a Chinese high school student's letter discussing her career aspirations..

Correspondence: Dear Dad and Mom 1/1+
This text is a short letter from a son at school to his parents.

Correspondence: Personal Descriptions 1/1+
This text is a message from a Chinese college student whom an American (named Jim) has come to know online. They are making arrangements to meet in person.

Correspondence: Short Letter of Thanks 1/1+
This text includes transportation terms in Chinese and includes Chinese greetings for holidays.

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