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Ads: Classified Ads 1/1+
This text is adapted from an extract from a Chinese newspaper published on the U.S. west coast, with headlines and excerpts of classified ads.

China: FAQs on Ethnic Groups in China 1/1+
This text discusses some of the ethnic groups that live in China.

China: Geography of China 1/1+
This text discusses the geographical dimensions of China.

China: Yangtze and Yellow Rivers 1/1+
A teacher answers a student's questions about the Yangtze River and the Yellow River in China.

Chinese Americans: Mahjong 1/1+
This lesson introduces the students to the Chinese game of mahjong.

Correspondence: Activities on a Calendar 1/1+
This message focuses on days of the week and the key activities on a student's calendar.

Correspondence: Career Goals 1/1+
This text is an excerpt from a Chinese high school student's letter discussing her career aspirations..

Correspondence: Dear Dad and Mom 1/1+
This text is a short letter from a son at school to his parents.

Correspondence: Personal Descriptions 1/1+
This text is a message from a Chinese college student whom an American (named Jim) has come to know online. They are making arrangements to meet in person.

Correspondence: Short Letter of Thanks 1/1+
This text includes transportation terms in Chinese and includes Chinese greetings for holidays.

Education and Schools: Welcome to the Soochow University Foreign Language Institute 1/1+
This text introduces learners to reading a Chinese website.

Emails, Blogs, and Diaries: Chat Exchange on Facebook 1/1+
This text represents an informal conversational exchange on Facebook.

Emails, Blogs, and Diaries: Chinese Student Blog Entry 1/1+
This text, which simulates a blog entry written by a Chinese student enrolled in a U.S. university, is about homesickness and keeping in touch with friends, family, and a pet back home.

Emails, Blogs, and Diaries: Diary Entry 1/1+
This text presents a diary entry in which the author comments on an upcoming move.

Emails, Blogs, and Diaries: Entry in Li You’s Diary 1/1+
The text is a student's (Li You's) diary entry about a day's activities.

Emails, Blogs, and Diaries: Existential Questions 1/1+
This text introduces some of the basic Chinese question words, such as what, who, where, why, and how.

Emails, Blogs, and Diaries: Letter From Meiping: Climbing Mt. Tai 1/1+
A Chinese middle school student writes to a former American neighbor about her upcoming trip to climb Mt. Tai and, since her friend previously made the same hike, asks for his advice about what to bring.

Emails, Blogs, and Diaries: Message: Purchase Supplies 1/1+
This is a message from the Chinese colleague of an American residing in Guangdong Province in China asking for help purchasing some supplies.

Emails, Blogs, and Diaries: My Best Friend 1/1+
This text centers on someone describing their best friend.

Emails, Blogs, and Diaries: Replying to a Friend's E-mail 1/1+
This is an e-mail reply from one friend to another discussing topics of interest.

Emails, Blogs, and Diaries: Where I Would Live 1/1+
Personal statements made online about what would constitute the ideal place to live.

Emails, Blogs, and Diaries: Whom I Would Love 1/1+
Chinese teens, like teens everywhere, are beginning to think of romance and love, and write about what their ideal mates might be like.

Family: Extended Family: Grandfather's Birthday Party 1/1+
The source text shows a family coming together for a birthday party and how each relative takes a role in making the party a success.

Family: Extended Family: One-Month-Old Baby Celebration 1/1+
The text depicts one of the first celebrations that a newborn child traditionally receives in Chinese culture: a party to celebrate being one month old. A genealogical tree is also included to help the learner study words for various members on the mother's side of the family.

Film and Film Stars: Actress Gong Li 1/1+
This text is a short biographic sketch on the Chinese film star Gong Li.

Film and Film Stars: Becoming Jackie Chan 1/1+
This text is a short biographical sketch on the international film star Jackie Chan.

Film and Film Stars: Director Chen Kaige 1/1+
This text introduces Chinese film director Chen Kaige and his films.

Film and Film Stars: Director Zhang Yimou 1/1+
This text is a short biographical sketch of the famous Chinese film director Zhang Yimou.

Film and Film Stars: Jet Li, Action Hero 1/1+
This lesson provides a short biographical sketch on the action film hero and martial artist Jet Li.

Film and Film Stars: Michelle Yeoh, James Bond Girl and Action Hero 1/1+
This text is a short biographical sketch on the Chinese film star Michelle Yeoh.

Film and Film Stars: Zhang Ziyi 1/1+
This text is a short biographical sketch on the Chinese film star Zhang Ziyi.

Films and Film Stars: Let's Go to the Movies! 1/1+
This is a conversation between two friends about Chinese movies.

Food Items 1/1+
This text is a message from the Chinese roommate of an American studying in Guangzhou, asking him to pick up some groceries on his trip to the store.

Food: Easy Recipe for Vegetable Hotpot 1/1+
This text provides a list of ingredients and steps for cooking a vegetable hotpot.

Geography: Solar System 1/1+
Chinese names of planets and other celestial bodies in the Solar System convey Chinese worldviews about the universe such as Yin and Yang, and the five fundamental elements.

Health: Four Dos and Four Don'ts to Prevent Flu 1/1+
This is a public health notice posted on the wall in a street in Beijing with instructions on how to avoid becoming infected with or spreading influenza.

History: Emperor Qin Shi Huang 1/1+
This lesson is an introduction to the first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang.

History: Four Great Inventions of China 1/1+
This text discusses the four great inventions from China and when they occurred.

Holidays and Celebrations: Days of National Significance 1/1+
While the people of China and Taiwan share much in their cultural heritage, they differ in their historical and political views. Some holidays are significant to the People's Republic of China (PRC), located on the Chinese mainland. Others are significant to the Republic of China (ROC), or Taiwan. Understanding these various holidays can give learners insight into the political histories of both mainland China and Taiwan.

Legends: Cháng’é. in the Palace of the Moon 1/1+
This text presents the legend of Chang'e, the Chinese moon goddess.

Legends: Heaven Lake 1/1+
This lesson describes Heaven Lake, the beautiful Chinese tourist attraction.

Legends: Hou Yi the Archer 1/1+
This lesson tells the folktale of Hou Yi, the famous archer who saves the ancient world from catastrophe and is given a gift that will ensure his immortality.

Legends: Meng Jiang Nü 1/1+
This text tells the famous Chinese folktale of Meng Jiangnu.

Legends: Mulan 1/1+
This text summarizes a folk story about a young girl who went to war.

Legends: Story of A Clever Child 1/1+
This is a story about an exemplary child who is often recounted in Chinese elementary school texts and storybooks.

Literature: Confucian Canon: The Four Books and Five Classics 1/1+
The Four Books and Five Classics are important works of the Confucian Canon. This text lists the titles of Confucian Classics in Chinese.

Literature: Four Great Chinese Masterpieces 1/1+
This list of the Four Great Chinese Masterpieces, their authors, and the time periods when they were written, provides information about some of the most famous novels in all of Chinese literature.

Locations 1/1+
This text is a message from the Chinese colleague of an American moving to Shanghai, making suggestions for where she should live.

Magazine Survey 1/1+
This section of a survey is modeled from other surveys distributed to magazine readers.

Names: Chinese Names 1/1+
This is a highly-contextualized short text on how Chinese names are formed. It contains certain common discourse structures, plus high-frequency characters, while teaching a brief historical and cultural lesson about Chinese names.

Online: An Invitation to Netlog 1/1+
This is an online invitation to join Netlog.

Online: How to Use Chinese Email 1/1+
This passage explains how to send and receive Chinese emails.

Online: I Would Like to Be Your Friend 1/1+
This passage is an example of online correspondence between two people who ask questions about each other and answering them about themselves.

Online: Personal Computer Components 1/1+
This text provides Chinese vocabulary words related to the personal computer (PC).

Pastimes 1/1+
This text is adapted from an excerpt from a letter from the Chinese penfriend of an American high school student, about his pastimes.

Seasons and Weather: Beijing’s Four Seasons 1/1+
This text discusses the weather in Beijing and seasonal activities.

Seasons and Weather: Four Seasons 1/1+
This text describes each of the four seasons.

Self-Introductory Note 1/1+
In this note to a new acquaintance, the author provides some information about herself.

Signs: Bookstore Sale Items 1/1+
This is a fictitious list of titles of books that include terms for commonly used categories, including “handbook,” “a guide to...,” etc.

Signs: Sale Signs in a Supermarket 1/1+
This is an excerpt of an advertisement posted on the wall of a supermarket in Beijing. It provides information about sales in progress.

Signs: Sales Signs in the Clothing Section of a Department Store 1/1+
The text lists clothing items on sale in a department store.

Signs: Signs Announcing Sales in a Department Store 1/1+
This text is excerpts from advertisements posted on the wall of a large, modern, popular store in China.

Songs: Friendship Songs 1/1+
These lyrics are widely sung among youngsters in both China and Taiwan, and help with the socializing process.Chinese youngsters learn these songs when they start school or get to know each other in youth camps.

Songs: Playful Song 1/1+
This is a playful song to the tune of Turkey in the Straw. It contains a number of commonly used exclamations indicating surprise and dismay.

Sports and Recreation: Beijing 2008 29th Olympiad 1/1+
This text presents some information about the 2008 Beijing Olympics from the Web site for the Olympics.

Sports and Recreation: Conversation About Martial Arts 1/1+
This text includes a dialogue between a martial arts instructor and a student.

Travel: Modes of Transportation 1/1+
This text is a message from the Chinese colleague of an American just beginning work in a Chinese company, about modes of transport around town.

Travel: My Schedule 1/1+
This text is an e-mail message from the Chinese friend of an American studying in China. The two are trying to find a time during the week to go hiking together.

Travel: Seeking Travel Partners 1/1+
This is an e-mail request posted on a listserv, seeking companions to take a sightseeing trip.

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