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Signs: Road Signs 0/0+
This text provides some signs seen on the road to and from Beijing Airport in China.

Signs: Warning! 0/0+
This text introduces the learner to common warnings that they will encounter on signs and other written notices.

Songs: Old MacDonald Had a Farm 0/0+
This is the Chinese version of the American children's song "Old McDonald Had a Farm".

Songs: Song Lyrics Dedicated to a Friend 0/0+
These are the lyrics to a children’s song dedicated to a friend. The audio recording has someone singing the song.

Sports and Recreation: NBA Draft Results 0/0+
This report on draft picks for the NBA includes some useful sports-related terminology.

Talking About Time 0/0+
This dialogue includes time expressions in Chinese, such as time on a clock, days of the week, and months. It also introduces selected Chinese cultural facts related to birthdays.

Travel: One-Day Trip Plan 0/0+
This is a flyer for a one-day excursion tour.

Travel: Tourist Sites in Beijing 0/0+
This text introduces names of popular tourist sites in Beijing.

Zodiac: Twelve Signs of the Zodiac 0/0+
This provides a list of the Chinese zodiac signs and their corresponding birth years.

Zodiac: Western Zodiac 0/0+
The text presents the Chinese names of the 12 signs of the Western zodiac as they would appear in a Chinese newspaper.

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