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Holidays and Celebrations: Other Chinese Holidays 0/0+
China and Taiwan, like the United States, have holidays that honor other aspects of their societies, such as the armed forces, teachers, ancestors, women, children, and sweethearts. This Learning Object deals with holidays in China and Taiwan and whether or not they are celebrated in each place.

Names: Field Trip Roster 0/0+
This roster of male and female Chinese names was developed to include common given and family names, as well as frequently used Chinese characters. This lesson will help learners to understand and identify some typical Chinese names for males and females.

Names: Most Common Surnames in China 0/0+
The text discusses and gives characters for the most popular surnames in China.

Online: NetEase Homepage 0/0+
The homepage for NetEase includes terms useful for online reading, and names of categories often found in Chinese websites.

Returning a Purchase (Exchanging Goods) 0/0+
This text is based on a short dialogue between a customer and a clerk in a shoe store.

Seasons and Weather: Chicago Weather Forecast 0/0+
This text reports the weather in a format often found in a newspaper or on the Internet.

Signs: Establishments 0/0+
This text presents some common types of information displayed prominently on signs, windows, and store-fronts that can routinely be seen on the streets in Chinese-speaking areas.

Signs: Forbidden! 0/0+
This text focuses on common street signs that warn people of certain activities that are not allowed.

Signs: Hours of Operation 0/0+
This text lists a number of commercial and public institutions, and their hours of operation.

Signs: Public Places 0/0+
This text introduces the learner to things allowing public access that are often marked with signs.

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