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Education and Schools: School Supplies Through the Years 0/0+
This is a blog post speculating on school supplies that children have taken to school through the centuries, beginning with brushes and ink and ending with notebook computers.

Education and Schools: University Names 0/0+
This text provides a short list of prominent universities in China. Most names can be identified by their city names.

Family Members 0/0+
This text is the caption to a family photograph that a Chinese pen-friend sends to you.

Film and Film Stars: Jackie Chan 0/0+
This text is about Jackie Chan, an actor who stars in Hong Kong action thrillers and has appeared in over 100 films. He is best known for his comic, stunt-based fighting style.

Films and Film Stars: 2007 Oscar Awards 0/0+
This text is adapted from an extract from PRC news sources about the 2007 Oscar Awards.

Food: Beverage Menu 0/0+
This menu presents the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in offered in a typical Chinese restaurant.

Food: Dumplings Menu 0/0+
This is a menu posted at a sidewalk vendor's stall.

Food: Great Wall Restaurant Menu 0/0+
This text is a menu from a Chinese restaurant.

Food: What Dumplings Shall We Eat 0/0+
This is the transcript of a conversation between two friends who are deciding what to eat for lunch.

Geography: Asian Country Capitals 0/0+
This text provides the names of selected Asian countries and their capitals.

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